Contact Us To Learn More About Lennox’s NewSunSource® Solar-Ready — allows you to add solar modules and create a solar powered system that generates electricity for your air conditioner and more, reducing energy consumption and utility costs.

Heat Pump

Cut carbon dioxide emissions, reduce air pollution and see significant financial savings. A heat pump is essentially an air conditioner that can both heat and cool your home.

Programmable Thermostat

You can save up to 10% a year on your heating and cooling bills by simply turning your thermostat back by 10°. Anytime you are away from your home for more than 8 hours, it is always a good idea to lower the temperature. 

Duct Leakage

10 – 30% of energy is lost in leaking duct-work and inadequate sized duct-work. When your furnace and air conditioner are pushed harder, it leads to excessive, unforeseen repairs and breakdowns. We can test your duct-work and save you from overpaying in energy costs!

Annual Tune-Ups

Your home comfort system needs periodic attention to run efficiently. Its vital internal components get caked with dirt, dust and gunk. If your furnace and air conditioner never get serviced, all that filth makes them run much harder than necessary to cool and heat your home.

Install New Efficient Equipment

If you have had a home comfort system that was installed 8+ years ago, it’s probably outdated and wasting energy. It may be so inefficient that you could be spending thousands of extra dollars because of it.

Home comfort systems have changed radically. Today, there are brand-new furnaces that hardly waste any energy. Some furnaces are as much as 98% efficient. These furnaces are saving homeowners massive amounts of energy and drastically reducing the number of pollutants being emitted into the air.

Mold Spores
Dust Mite
Dirty Airduct
Microscopic Bacteria
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Is My Air Sustainable?

Comfort systems, like furnaces and air conditioners, are the two biggest users of energy in homes today. They also tend to be two of the biggest wasters. That’s why if you want to improve the energy efficiency of your home, it starts by making changes to your comfort system. Thankfully, creating a “Green Home Comfort System” is easy! Above you can find a list of home improvements that will help you Go Green and Save Green!

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